Superga X Zouk 2750 New Kicks

by - February 16, 2017

This is not a sponsored post

I can finally die in peace because I've just received my first pair of Supergas!

And not just any Superga but the Superga X Zouk 2750!!!

I've always been a fan of Superga but never really had the guts to buy a pair because I've been so broke! But after my pay came in, I decided to splurge on these babies which I've been aiming at for so long - which was ever since Superga posted the pics on Twitter.

Named after the French creole word for 'party', Zouk is is one of the oldest and most legendary nightclubs among Singaporean teenagers (whether 18 and above or 18 and below... You know). If you've been there, you'll know how congested Zouk is, and how its even harder to breathe with all the sweaty, pulsating bodies rubbing against each other.

Trust me. I've been there.

To allow more space for their ever growing clubber base, Zouk has now relocated from Jiak Kim Street to Clarke Quay, and I can't be happier. Besides Clarke Quay being obviously more convenient for me, the new Zouk is also larger and more lit than the previous one - based on pictures I've seen online. I don't want to take a chance to go anytime soon because I know it will be full of humans.

With Zouk's shift, both brands took this opportunity to commemorate Zouk's roots as well as the onset of a new beginning with a limited edition collaboration - the Superga X Zouk 2750. This was also Superga's first ever local partnership.

The shoe is in pure white with a full-grained leather upper and matte silver trimming, perfect for any Zouk-goer who wants to make a statement.

Here are some pictures of the Superga X Zouk 2750 for you to drool over:

The shoes sport a matte heel loop with embossed detailing of the coordinates of Clarke Quay (right) and Jiak Kim Street (left), on each side of the shoe. The iconic Zouk eye is also imprinted on the heel loop.

Zouk's "Z" logo can be seen on the outer corners of each shoe, sending the message that this isn't just any ordinary Superga sneaker.

Pictures are often very deceiving, but I can tell you that the shoes look as awesome in real life. Well, selling at a price of $170, they better be.

I posted the pictures of my unboxing experience on Twitter together with real-life pictures of the shoe. As you can see, the packaging, quality and design is on point! I even kept the box LOL.

Besides the shoe, my order also came with the accompanying branded shoe bag. Since I have spent so much on the shoes I don't plan to get it dirty any time soon - or ever, so I will be keeping it in the black matte shoe box.

My post on Twitter also earned itself a retweet and fav from Superga!

To end off my post, here are some pictures of me sporting the Superga X Zouk 2750 (with amazing neon lighting).

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