Space Radio Update #1

by - February 12, 2017

Hi guys! So as you know I'm part of Singapore Polytechnic's School of Communication, Arts and Social Science's campus radio, also known as Space Radio!

Being part of Space Radio is really awesome because we get to run our own shows every week and come up with our own original content. We also get to do video production (which is really awesome for those of you who love making videos).

Now here's the catch: Space Radio DJs occasionally get to attend free movie premiers or concerts in return for promoting these events. This also means that we have gotten to meet some of our favorite international and local celebrities such as Passenger, Tegan and Sara, Sam Tsui, Benjamin Kheng, Sezairi and Gentle Bones!

Here are pictures and videos taken by me at previous Space Radio events: (P.S much thanks to our sponsors LAMC Productions and Sony Music SG!! Check them out for giveaways and contests!)

For CASS students who are interested in joining our Space Radio family, do stay tuned for updates on our next auditions!

Also, follow and check us out on social media!

Instagram: @spspacesg
Twitter: @spspacesg
YouTube: SPSpace

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