Gudetama Cafe Suntec Food Review

by - March 08, 2017

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My friend and I decided to do some catching up over the holidays and spend money on some good food. I've always wanted to visit the Gudetama Cafe ever since it opened in Singapore but the queues are longer than my life line.

Since it has been open since November last year, we both thought that the hype may have died down now and they would be less people.

The Gudetama Cafe is quite a walk away from Promenade MRT (Downtown line) which is where we came from. I'm not really good at directions, but here's a brief description of how we eventually managed to make our way there:

After coming out Promenade station, we walked all the way towards the Suntec convention centre. Inside, we walked to the end where there's an escalator that takes you out of the convention centre. Once you've reached the bottom, the Gudetama Cafe (#01-361) is right in front of you.

Yes, I know my directions are horrible and there're probably a million better ways to get there, but I really tried my best. Please feel free to comment below if you know a faster way to get there, as it'll be of tremendous help!

Once we reached the Gudetama Cafe, we saw a crowd of people gathered outside and thought "damn, are they all here for the food too?" Thankfully they were just a bunch of tourists who wanted to take a picture with the cute yellow cafe, so we joined the empty queue and got ourselves a table in just 1 minute!

So egg-citing.

The furniture and design inside the cafe is super cute and very, very yellow. Hence there's no surprise that the cafe would be such a hit given the fact that almost 80% of Singaporeans love the color. My friend and I sat at the tables with Gudetama pillows and took a bunch of pictures before ordering our food.

There were quite a lot of people at the cafe, but not so many to the extend that you'd have to wait for a table or anything. There were at least 5 empty tables while we were there, which was around 8pm.

It took us almost 10 minutes to decide on our order because everything was just so expensive, but ultimately we chose the I'm Cold Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict ($26.90), a salmon dish with hollandaise sauce, mashed avocado, ebiko (shrimp flakes), tater tots and of course - eggs. There's also a vegetarian option for this dish.

We also ordered the Gude Pudding ($16.50), which is a caramel flan with vanilla ice cream at the bottom. Wobble wobble.

The staff at the cafe are really attentive and efficient, and they are more than willing to help if you need someone to take a picture for you. The food arrives fast too, despite the bustling crowd.

After eating, the bill totaled to $51.00 including GST and service charge (about $7.00). I was quite surprised that it cost so much for just those two dishes, but I wouldn't complain since my friend was kind enough to pay for dinner and because the food was really delicious!

Money or no money, I would definitely go again!

A few months later my family and I paid a visit to the cafe. We had the Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict again, with a few extra dishes.

Bonus post

After dinner we spontaneously decided to visit the i light, a light art festival at Marina Bay. The event  is at Marina Bay Waterfront from 7.30 pm to 11.00 pm (12.00 am on weekends), and admission is free. Here are some of the pictures we took at Marina Bay and i light.

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