ZCOOP: 5 Types of Instagram Accounts We All Know

by - May 05, 2017

Instagram is the perfect place for self-expression and everyone has his or her own different personality and style. While we do believe that each and every one of us is unique, we can’t help but notice some common categories and cliché photographs that keep popping up on Instagram. From that friend of yours who only posts about different types of pasta, to the girl who can’t take it easy on the duck face selfies, here are 5 types of accounts we’ve all come across on Instagram:

1. The Food Enthusiast

The Food Enthusiast is constantly on the hunt for the best places to eat and knows about every café or restaurant in town — even those you’ve never heard of. If a new hipster café recently had a soft opening, he will be the first to know about it and post a picture on social media. If you’ve ever been friends with The Food Enthusiast, you would be familiar with his ways of rearranging the dishes in different angles, shamelessly carrying food to a nearby window to get good lighting, or not allowing you to eat before he takes the perfect shot.

The worst thing you can ever say to The Food Enthusiast is: Can we eat now?

2. The Loving Couple

So one of your followers has just ditched Singlehood and is very eager to let her social circle know about this status update. A week later, your Instagram feed is flooded with kissing selfies, cuddle pictures and gushy captions of “My one and only boo”. When special occasions draw near, she starts spamming pictures of the surprise party thrown by #bae, the expensive dinner date, and the Pandora ring he bought just because ‘he saw it and thought of me’.

Sometimes we can’t help but feel uncomfortable bearing witness to the love story unfolding on Instagram and may even be a little jealous, but research shows that couples who show off on social media tend to be less happy in real life.

The moral of the story is — don’t believe everything you see.

3. The Selfie Queen

There’s no surprise that Instagram is one of the world’s most narcissistic social media platform, and 64% of millennials agree with this statement. While a harmless selfie or two is acceptable and does a good job in increasing your self esteem, posting too many selfies can be a turn off especially if 80% of your posts only show your face in different angles.

The Selfie Queen loves posting gym mirror selfies, bikini-in-the-bathroom selfies or ‘look at my abs’ selfies which are often accompanied by an inspiring quote that does nothing to explain the purpose of the picture. It’s still a mystery how ‘Reaching for the stars’ has anything to do with that selfie you posted on Instagram, but hey, who are we to judge?

4. The Travel Junkie

We all have that one friend who likes to pull a @natgeo and documents all of his travels on Instagram, and you can’t help but wonder how he gets all the money and time to do that. While we can only wonder, The Travel Junkie wanders the world from Europe to Asia and is the envy of all his followers with pictures of exotic sandy beaches and a breathtaking view from the mountain peak.

Swim with the dolphins, check. Skydiving, check. 1,000 likes on Instagram, check.

5. The Shameless Promoter

These are the kind of people who try too hard to get noticed on Instagram or are hoping to land a job as an Instagram influencer. Most of The Shameless Promoter’s Instagram posts are either promotions or ‘sponsored advertisements’ for brands and companies. While social media is a smart way to make money, too much tasteless promoting makes The Shameless Promoter look as if she’s only trying to make money out of her followers. As if we’ve haven’t gotten enough ads on our feeds ever since Instagram rolled out their ad feature last year!

What are some Instagram accounts that you know of? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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