Summer Boutique at Piasau Boat Club Miri

by - June 19, 2017

I'm back in Malaysia!!!

Decided to spend 2 weeks in Miri this time round since I'll be having my internship from Sept-March, which also means I won't be able to come back until after graduation. Prior to my return, my mom prepared a list of things I could do from visiting my favorite nasi lemak place to going kayaking at the beach.

My family is a club member at Piasau Boat Club (PBC) Miri. I've gone to PBC since I was a kid and my sister is currently a sailor there. PBC also holds occasional fun events like garage sales, exhibitions and sport tryouts.

Yesterday I visited the PBC Summer Boutique, which is a cheaper and more authentic version of the hipster night markets we have in Singapore (*coughs* Artbox *cough*). Here you can buy all sorts of things from handmade jewelry, bags, flowers, handicraft as well as food. Things here are pretty cheap and they can range from RM5-RM100, depending on what you buy.

PBC Summer Boutique

I arrived at the boutique at 10 am because you know, the early bird gets the worm. There were only approximately 15 booths in total, and they area the sale was held at was pretty small. However, I should say that I spend about an hour there because there were so many nice things to choose from! Here are some of the booths available at the Summer Boutique - you will then understand why one hour wasn't enough!


The first thing that caught my eye were the handmade soap by Ee Handmade. Handmade soap is definitely a trend now whether in Malaysia or Singapore, and there are a number of people in Miri who have started their own handmade soap business. Ee Handmade sells a variety of eye-catching and mouth-watering soaps, and my favorite were the kuih lapis inspired designs.

Handmade soap 1
Handmade soap 2

I bought two face/body soaps at RM22.00 (S$7.30) each which were both made from breastmilk! Yes, I am equally as confused as you are - and skeptical - but if breastmilk is the way to smoother complexion, I'm more than happy to sign up!

Handmade soap 3
Handmade soap 4


It's no shocker that Mirians love handicraft, so it's normal to see lots of paintings, handmade bags and jewelry at the Summer Boutique.

Handmade accessories (another one of my favorites) are really unique and can cost as low as RM10.00 (S$3.30). Some are similar to the ones you see at Bugis, but at such a low price you can get 3 earrings here for the price of 1 at Bugis Street.

One unique booth showcased the artwork of a Brunei-based artist who draws painted portraits and cards of your family (or even your house) for special occasions. A simple portrait can easily cost RM90.00 (S$30.00), but it is indeed very special and personal.


If you're an accessories type of girl, you would immediately be drawn to these beauty handmade pendents from Diana Clay Art.

Each pendent is carefully moulded and crafted from clay, and painted on with acrylic pain. You can even request to have your name on it.

My mom being an accessories lover enthusiastically picked up three beautiful pieces: a heart shaped flower necklace (RM40.00/ S$13.00), a  clay flower bracelet (RM30.00/ S$10.00), and a blue flower choker-necklace (RM50.00/ S$16.00). I was very tempted to get one for myself, but was a little wary due to the fact that the accessories were made out of clay.


Shopping is a tiring sport which takes up a lot of mental and physical energy, hence it is a good thing that there were a lot of food available at the Summer Boutique. My dad bought some chocolate brownies from Eatable which only cost RM5.00 (S$1.60) per packet! Eatable also sold Red Velvet cupcakes at RM10.00 ($3.30).

Super cheap, super delish!

If you aren't that hungry (but know that you will confirm plus chope be hungry later on), go ahead and grab yourself a few loaves of bread at The Baking Mummy. And no, I'm not talking about normal white bread. I'm talking bread with amazing flavors ranging from coffee to macha and sesame seed! My mom happily bought two loaves in Coffee Rye (RM15.00/ S$5.00) and Rainbow Dash (RM10.00/ S$3.30).

If flavored bread is still too plain for you, you can also get a jar of The Baking Mummy's Kaya spread for only RM10.80 (S$3.60). 

Just when I thought Kaya was enough, my mom had to go and buy some more bread spread (not that I'm complaining). Ping Originals sells a variety of homemade peanut butter with cool flavors such as matcha and dark chocolate.

We bought a jar each of creamy peanut butter (RM8.00/ S$2.60), dark chocolate peanut butter  (RM9.00/ S$3.00) and matcha peanut butter (RM10.00/ S$3.30).

Healing potion is a simpler alternative to The Juicy Way or those colorful rainbow juices you find at Artbox Singapore. Fresh and cheap, Healing Potion sells a variety of fruit juices that is perfect for quenching your thirst in the hot Malaysian weather.

We bought two bottles of Orange and Green Apple juice at RM8.00 (S$2.60) each. The quantity isn't a lot, but it definitely quenches your thirst!

If apple and orange juice is too mainstream for you, try almond milk! Almonds are very healthy antioxidants which are good for the body and can help you achieve great abs. Each bottle of milk costs only RM8.00 (S$2.60), and can be stored in the fridge for up to 4 days.



The highlight of the Summer Boutique was the colorful woven basket collection by the Penan Women Project. Many may have heard of woven bags, but what about woven laptop sleeves?!

The Penan Women Project (PWP) is a non profit group in Sarawak which aims to support the Penans, one of the indigenous tribes of Borneo. The Penans are believed to be the last nomadic hunter-gathers in Malaysia, and rely heavily on the rainforest to supply their needs. The PWP focuses on the women of the Penan tribe by helping them earn a regular income while continuation their heritage as expert weavers.

Just by looking at the baskets, you can tell how excellent their craftmanship are. Personally, my favorite colors were Royal Blue, Baby Blue and Pastel Blue.

Colors aside, my most favorite baskets were the ones with the beautiful 'cherry blossom' designs. Just look at thee beauties! Not only are they perfect for Chinese New Year, they also look extremely attas and can pass off as a Chanel bag.

I got myself a black 'cherry blossom' bag and a silver laptop sleeve which each cost (RM50.00/ S$16.00). The woven laptop sleeve fits my 13 inch MacBook pro perfectly!

While PBC does hold amazing boutiques and sales, one of the more interesting activities held at the club would be their sea sports. My sister and I had a great time at the PBC Beach Fun Sunday where we got to experience kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding and riding on a banana boat!

Here are some pictures from Beach Fun Sunday!

If you're not the outdoors type (like my mom), you can even sit in the shade while sipping a glass of orange juice.

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