i light Marina Bay 2017 Review

by - March 10, 2017

I visited i light at Marina Bay waterfront again yesterday with my friends after the short visit on Tuesday.

I've been to Marina Bay at least three times this week.

I wasn't satisfied after the first visit because I only got to see less than 5 out of the 20 installations that were featured. On my second visit, I made sure to have a look at at least 10 of them. It was a long walk around the whole Marina Bay waterfront, but it was really worth it... especially for those of us who love taking Instagram-worthy pictures! It's also a great opportunity for art lovers or design students to look at the works done by local and international artists.

Since there's been this hype going on with fairy lights and neon lights in Singapore very recently, I'm sure many of you will enjoy visiting i light. Here are some pictures I took on my second visit together with some pictures from the first visit too. Enjoy!

Sadly, I didn't manage to take pictures with this big lacey onion because the queue was so long!

Horizontal Interference


I suggest a really long shutter speed if you wish to capture a picture like this.


Just like the artist's name Serge Beaulieau, the sculpture is bealieutiful.


I found this one to be pretty cool because it's interactive. All you need to do is download the app ATARAXIA and you can take pictures with cartoon animals that come to life. Really creative and cute concept (just that you'd have to look a little silly posing with something that isn't physically there).

Northern Lights

Kaleidoscopic Monilith

Passage of Inner Reflection

If I were to reflect on my inner self, the passage would be pitch black.


Moonflower was definitely the most instagrammable installation at i light because it makes you look like you're in a galaxy of shining lights. It's a romantic piece strategically placed with the Marina Bay Sands building in the background.

My friends and I had to sacrifice quite a bit to take pictures with Moonflower. As it's placed in the field and its the rainy season, our shoes became really muddy and the mud also smelled really bad.

Ocean Pavillion

This blue installation would have been the perfect castle for Elsa... if her magical power was the ability to conjure up empty Evian bottles.

I Light You So Much

I also light this installation very much.


When I first saw this I was like "Oh look! Umbrella sculpture!" Apparently umbrella sculpture has a name, and it's supposed to be a dandelion - an illuminated dandelion with mats inside for you to lie down and rest.

Silent Disco @ i light Marina Bay

Here are some of the installations I didn't get to take a look at:

Relocating Locality


The Colorful Garden of Light

The Body of the Sea

Since admission is free, I really recommend all of you to drop by i light for a visit! The main event's from 7.30 pm to 11.00 pm (12.00 am on weekends).

Do check out i light at Marina Bay website here for more details.

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