Genki Sushi Orchard Food Review

by - April 22, 2017

(This was written in 2017 when I didn't like Japanese food yet. I love it now. Do check out some of my more recent Japanese food blog posts here.)

I'm not particularly a fan of Sushi or Japanese food for that matter, so I couldn't help but feel a little reluctant when my friend decided to drag me to a sushi express restaurant. 

I've had my fill of bad memories with all things Japanese + Express, such as Sushi Express which has to be one of my least favorite Japanese restaurants. Though I was unwilling, I knew my friend was a Japanese cuisine superfan, and it would be mean of me not to succumb to his plea for craving satisfaction.

So I went.

Genki Sushi is located at Orchard Central, at 181 Orchard Road, #04-30 Orchard Central, 238896. The nearest MRT station would be Somerset, and the restaurant is open daily from 11.30am  - 10.00pm.

When I first approached Genki Sushi, I couldn't help but state at the big yellow frown of a logo that adorned their storefront. Who would want to eat at a restaurant with such an unfriendly mascot? Well I'd have to tell you I was wrong because the minute I looked at the menu at Genki Sushi, I knew that I was in for a turn of events.

Turns out that the unique selling point of Genki Sushi is their 'Kousoku' (Express) and iOrder system. While iOrders are getting more common nowadays with the advancement of technology, the 'Kousoku' System is what draws in curious customers. While most Japanese Express restaurants deliver food through a conveyer belt, Genki Sushi brings food to dinner tables through their miniature Shinkansen bullet train and Formula One car.

Their unique delivery system also programs the trains to slow down upon reaching the customer's table, and gives out an alert to announce that the food is here. Once the food is unloaded, customers can press a button to return the train back to the kitchen.

Genki Sushi also does pretty well in integrating their whole 'express' concept. Besides the cute blue and red trains (and nope, I'm not referring to the rides at USS), diners also get to sit at different 'stations' throughout the restaurant from 'Tokyo' to 'Shanghai'. My friend and I had the luxury of dining at 'Tokyo', and enjoying the true Japanese experience.

Really cool right. How did I not even know about this place earlier?

Genki Sushi also has a delicious menu with a variety of Sushi, Sashimi, Appetizer, Side Order, Rice & Noodle and Dessert, with prices ranging from $1.80 to above $5.00. Usually people who dine at Japanese Express restaurants have two concerns - 1. The food isn't great and 2. The food isn't enough to make you full. 

Unfortunately, I have a big appetite and a small wallet. I decided to order one train (four orders only) and not go over my budget of $10.00. My four orders were: 1 Egg roll ($1.80), 1 Tuna Handroll ($2.30), 1 Crab Salad ($3.80) the Kid's Chicken Teriyaki Bowl ($3.80).

Not enough? I was about to find out.

Thankfully, the service was express and the food arrived within 2-minutes. The portions were okay, not particularly big or anything, but my, they did taste really good. I wouldn't say it was fresh, but you really can't expect much freshness from an express restaurant. Here are some photos we took of the food:

My favorite would have to be the Crab Salad and Kid's Chicken Teriyaki Bowl. The Teriyaki Bowl was not only savory with a generous amount of Teriyaki sauce, but it was also the perfect size. Any size larger than that and I would have not been able to finish my food. The Tuna Handroll was okay, not amazing or anything but it was definitely large and worth the $2.30.

I also tried my friends' dishes. He ordered mostly Nigiri Sushi (rice and raw fish), and also the Kid's Oyako Bowl ($3.80).

The bill totaled to about $35.00 for me and my friend (he ordered two trains), while mine only cost around $12.00 including 10% service charge and 7% GST, which the both of us split equally among ourselves.

And to answer the golden question: YES. I was so full I fell into a food coma.

Although Japanese food isn't my favorite, I can confidently say that Genki Sushi has become my only exception. I will definitely go again, but this time with a budget of $20.00!

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