ZCOOP: Kim Kardashian’s Most Outrageous Beauty Secrets — Exposed!

by - June 26, 2017

Hate her or love her, Kim Kardashian is the go-to celebrity when it comes to fashion and beauty. Scroll through her Instagram feed and you will know that the 35-year-old business mogul, entrepreneur, and reality TV star’s makeup game is as strong as her nose contour, so it’s no surprise that even her sisters look up to her as the family’s makeup genius.

Kim K is no sucker for orthodox beauty treatments and has spotted some of the wackiest and most disturbing beauty remedies from gaffer-taped boobs to the vampire facial. We hereby present to you a list of Kim Kardashian’s most outrageous beauty secrets in the order of wacky to WTF. Enjoy!

1. Boob taping

With an eye-watering income of USD$51 million a year, you would have thought that Kim K housed her twins in silk bras adorned with diamonds. Interestingly, the secret to her perfect, gravity-defying cleavage is also perfectly affordable, and it’s none other than gaffer’s tape.

Via her app, Kim proudly showed off her breast-lifting process through a series of pictures, exclaiming that gaffer’s tape “sticks the best!” and that the pain was “all worth it”.

Speaking of pain, she also admitted to fans that the DIY boob job isn’t a walk in the park and may cause certain parts of your skin to rip off. Ouch!

No pain no gain, I guess?

2. Shampoo only once in five days

Women love experimenting with different hair colors, but chemicals in the dye can easily damage our lovely locks. The Kardashians are known for their outrageous hair colors, so it’s no surprise that the family also takes hair care very, very seriously. Luckily for us, Kim’s hair routine does not involve expensive trips to the salon or hours of conditioning. In fact, you only need to do one thing — nothing!

In an interview with Into the Gloss, Kim revealed that she only shampoos once in every five days to maintain the shine and sleekness of her hair. She also swears by dry shampoo, and ties her hair into a ponytail whenever she feels that her hair is getting greasy.

3. Facial cupping

You may have heard of body cupping, but face cupping is a completely different thing. Unlike body cupping which helps alleviate muscle tension and pain, facial cupping “encourages blood flow to the tissue and stimulates the lymphatic system to help reduce inflammation, which in turn smooths fine lines and wrinkles,” explains Nurse Jamie, the owner of Beauty Park Medical Spa and Kim’s go-to skin therapist.

While we’re all for firmer skin, several customers have revealed that the anti-effects of face cupping aren’t long lasting. But if you’re as rich as Kim, there’s no harm having a $300 skin-care boost every now and then, is there?

4. Treatments on air

Kim K takes her beauty treatments to new heights — literally.

During a 15-hour flight from Los Angeles to Dubai, Kim casually decided to pass the time by getting a laser treatment while flying 39,000 feet about the ground. Though she never specified what treatment she was getting, the mother-of-two offered her fans a glimpse of her gigantic “laser goggles” on Snapchat, and joked about owing her good genes to laser specialist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ourian.

Now that’s what I call a first-class flying experience.

5. Blood facial

Okay, so there’s a reason why this bloody procedure deserves to be the Queen of all WTF beauty treatments.

Definitely not for the faint-hearted, this facial treatment known as PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) therapy, uses injections of the client’s own blood to maintain youthfulness and make the skin look more rejuvenated. Other benefits include reducing fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring.

PRP usually costs around $750 and takes up to an hour to complete. I guess it’s pretty worth it since Kim’s complexion does look bloody good!

Were you shocked by these beauty secrets? What are some crazy beauty secrets that you know of? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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