Flying Economy With Singapore Airlines Review: The World's Second Best Airline

by - January 10, 2020

I'm back from my second trip to Bangkok in 3 months!

I was actually quite proud of myself during this trip because I didn't cry on the flight despite my severe flight anxiety, LOL. But I shouldn't be taking full credit for it, because the sense of security came mainly from knowing that I was flying with the 6th safest airline in the world - Singapore Airlines.

I usually fly Budget, which makes me feel rather paranoid as an anxious flyer. I would say that Scoot tops my list for favorite Budget airline,  followed by Air Asia, and lastly Jetstar. I don't know why, but I just don't feel that safe with Jetstar, and the take off and landings are always bumpy as hell. My uncle who's a pilot with Scoot used to tell me that Jetstar is pretty lax with their pilot qualifications as well, which didn't reassure me at all. For Air Asia... well I kinda just trust Mr. Ferdandez that he'll do his job well.

But anyway! We are here to talk about Singapore Airlines, also known endearingly as SQ. The airlines is situated at Changi Airport Terminal 2, which is a good location since it is accessible to Jewel and also has a lot of things to do within the transit hall itself. Some of the stores that will keep you entertained are Pandora, MCM, the TWG Tea Boutique, Transpa, Tiffany & Co., and Victoria's Secret. There are also many restaurants and money changers inside the transit hall, as well as free Wifi all around.

Our flight to Bangkok boarded on time, and it was a smooth process. Passengers boarded according to zones (I was in Economy Class), and the flight attendants warmly showed us to their seats. I was pretty excited since it was my first time flying with SQ, so I had high expectations - naturally. The first thing I noticed when I boarded the plane were definitely the flight attendants. They looked so good! And I'm not talking about their physical appearance - I'm talking about their uniforms. The guys wore suits, and the females sported the legendary sarong kebaya uniform.

My mom actually flew with SQ a few months back and was complaining about how the service was terrible. While I didn't think it was that bad, I was abit taken aback when I first boarded the plane and heard two female flight attendants joking about other passengers. And they were talking about it so loudly! While I feel that that behavior lacked some professionalism, I don't have any other complains regarding the service.

While the plane was taxiing, we were handed warm towels to wipe our hands or faces. We then watched the safety video, which I felt was really cool. Shot at different iconic locations in Singapore such as Gardens By The Bay, Capitol Theatre, and Haji Lane, the video also featured snippets of Singapore's culture and food while safety information was being presented.

You can check it out here.

Our flight to Bangkok was SQ 976, an Airbus A330-300. It was a slightly smaller and older plane than the one we took back to Singapore - SQ 930, which was a Boeing 737. Both flights were smooth, including take off and landing. I would say SQ has one of the smoothest take offs ever!

There were some mild turbulence during the flight which had me clenching the arm rests, but I was assured by the flight attendants that the pilot was "the most profficient". It felt nice to have someone reassure me during turbulence and overcome my anxiety; this calm and reassuring attitude was a stark contrast to the time I had a panic attack on a turbulent Lion Air flight and the flight attendants screamed at passengers to put on their seatbelts (I was almost sure I was going to die that day). Never again, Lion Air.

If I gave Singapore Airlines a rating of 9/10, the missing 1 would be because of the food. While SQ has a large selection of food and alcohol on the plane, I didn't really enjoy the meals. Probably because I was too nervous to calm down and enjoy it - but then again my boyfriend didn't really enjoy his meal either. Their one silver lining was the cake, which was good, as well as their white wine! Aside from the main meal, the salads and dessert were mostly a-ok.

Though it was only a 2 hour flight, I managed to watch some movies and keep my anxious mind from drifting. I watched "IT Chapter 2", as well as a few episodes of 2 Broke Girls. Toy Story 4 left my boyfriend close to tears beside me. The flight was comfortable, and there was also a considerable amount of leg space.

Overall, I had a really enjoyable flight with Singapore Airlines and would love to fly with them again. But is the airline really worth the hype? My honest answer is yes - but it is a little overhyped. If safety is your main concern, and you don't mind paying a steeper price for it, then yes by all means choose Singapore Airlines. But if you're looking for something cheaper, there are other airlines such as Malaysia Airlines and Japan Airlines who offer just as good service. However, the experience may be different from Business Class passengers, as SQ's Business Class is pretty lit, so maybe I'll give that a try next time and write about it!

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