Two Blur Guys Tanjong Pagar Food Review

by - March 31, 2017

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Excuse us cause we're blur about everything, expect our food...maybe. That's the motto of Two Blur Guys, a burger cafe located at Tanjong Pagar!

The cafe is a little hard to find since Google Maps insists that it's next to the popular confectionary cafe Cake Spade but after 15 minutes of walking my friend and I decided to ditch Google Maps and follow our instinct. Nestled in the heart of Orchid Hotel at 1 Tras Link #01-13 you will find the cure to all your cravings for fat juicy burgers and Asian fusion.

I was there for lunch around 2.00pm and it was pretty packed considering the size of the cafe. There were about 5 four-seater tables inside and the aisle was very narrow, so there's hardly enough space to move around. The staff greeted us with a friendly smile and handed us the menu before bringing us to our seats.

The menu is one-paged and the options are rather limited because you know, they only sell burgers. Duh. My friend ordered the Prime Beef W Shoulder Ham ($17.95) while I got myself the Prime Beef W Streaky Bacon ($17.95), both well done. We then topped up another $5.90 to make it a Set Meal with selected dessert and drinks.

Beer and Burger come together like Bonnie and Clyde, so it's no surprise that they serve beer here at Two Blur Guys. Sadly I'm not a fan of beer so I had their homemade honey lemon and it definitely tasted as sweet as it sounded.

When the burgers came, I have to say I was quite surprised with the portion. It was not humongous like I expected it to be and was 30% smaller than the burgers you see at I Am. I jokingly told my friend that if we both weren't full at the end of the meal, we could order Potato Salad.

The burgers came with potato wedges and lettuce leaves dripped in savory balsamic vinegar. I don't know about my friend's but my burger was the bomb. Wedged between two buns were the beef patty followed by strips of bacon, Guyere Cheese, tomatoes and lots. of. mayo.

It's so hard to get good burgers nowadays when eyeryone claims they have the secret recipe yet the burgers always turn out to be a sticky tower of mess. This burger however, was sensational.

Not only was the beef patty juicy and not oily, it also didn't give off the repulsive beef smell that a lot of beef burgers have - you know, like the ones at MacDonald's. The burger also doesn't get sloppy or messy while you're eating it because all the ingredients just happen to fit perfectly like Yin and Yang. I guess cutting the burger in half and eating it half at a time did the trick.

After finishing the burger and downing my honey lemonade, I fell into a food coma. But there is always a separate tummy for dessert. Thanks to the set meal, we were also served an apple pie and chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream (quite similar to the chocolate larvae cake at Sazeriya, which is hands down still the best).

Was really pleased with the dessert because it was served hot and really, really tasty. I have to say I was really satisfied with my experience at Two Blur Guys; the food, drinks and service were fantastic. It's a shame that the lighting is a little dark so it's hard to get Instagram-worthy pictures, but who cares about that when your tummy is satisfied?

In total we paid $52++ including GST and service charge for the meal, which is pretty reasonable considering the fact I even had to pass dinner because my tummy was still full 5 hours later.

If you're craving what I'm having, hurry up and get your fill now as they're also available on Deliveroo and Chope Reservations!

Now if you don't mind I need to go and jog off all the calories...

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