ZCOOP: BEAUTY STASH: 5 New Must-Haves in Your Makeup Kit

by - March 29, 2017

Most women are faced with the same dilemma: you have and overflowing makeup bag, but not the slightest idea of what to do with all the products. You have a gloss color from last season, some eyeliner you bought on impulse at a sale, and a concealer that's too light for your skin tone. Perhaps it's time to clean out your cosmetic bad, start reassessing your beauty essentials and make space for some new products!

We've got you covered with five new must-haves in your makeup kit that will help you get the look just the way you want it. But first, start throwing out your old, expired products!

1. Bonvivant Ulluminator Whiteing Water Gel Mask

That's right, ladies. Water prices are up by thirty percent but thats doesn't mean you should stop hydrating your face! This star product no only acts as an overnight get mask, but also a morning moisturizer due to its thin and light texture. Besides moisturizing dry skin, this pudding-like gel mask can also improve acne scars and calm irritation.

For those of you who shudder at the thought of using greasy and oily skincare products, you will be delighted to know that this revolutionary gel mask applies smoothly without stickiness, leaving your face feeing refreshed and rejuvenated.

2. Beauty People Capsule Powder Multi Eyebrow Tint

Most hold Cara Delevinge fully responsible for the sudden surge in brow popularity, but little do they know that it was in fact Kim Kardashain who brought the trend mainstream with the hashtag #EyebrowsOnFleek.

Now you too can start your own trend by ensuring that your eyebrows are constantly on point with this eyebrow tint by Beauty People. This magical product not only gives your brows an even and natural look, but also coats them with natural ingredients such as lilies and witch hazel.

3. NCLA I'm Really A Mermaid Nail Polish

Mermaid scales, mermaid pillows and mermaid hair… the craze goes back to the sea with NCLA’s I’m Really A Mermaid Nail Polish, a jelly-base nail lacquer with a color darker and deeper than any of the seven seas. Show off your sparkly nails with this product and I’m sure that even the Merlion will go blue with envy.

4. Faux Fayc Fauxstix Liquid Xctasy
Image from Seventeen
Ever since Kylie Jenner popularised matte lipstick in 2015, females everywhere have ditched the gloss and embraced opaque, bolder and fuller lips. 

The new Faux Stix Liquid Xctasy lipstick comes in 20 different shades ranging from nudes to metallics that provide a full and long-lasting coverage. With that many shades to choose from, we’re considering getting one shade for every month!

5. Bourjois Blur The Line Concealer

Every girl’s worst nightmare is waking up to find a large pimple parading itself on the center of your face.
Voila! Fresh-faced and flawless skin
Worry no more with this concealer that blurs the line between flawless complexion and well-applied makeup by erasing dark circle and imperfections.

The concealer also comes in three shades: Ivory, Beige, and Golden Beige, which are all perfect for different Asian skin tones.

What are some of your beauty-must haves? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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