5 Reasons To Visit Artbox Singapore 2017

by - April 23, 2017

If you are a hipster (like me), a likely guess would be that you spent the last 2 weekends at Artbox Singapore. If you haven't been to Artbox which was held at the Bayfront Event Space on Fridays to Sundays from 4-16 April and 21-23 April, kudos to you for successfully avoiding the multitude of sweaty people who turned up for the most mainstream-hipster event of the year! (Not that I'm complaining).

While Artbox changes it's location periodically, it is currently located at Chatuchak Bangkok. This year's Artbox Singapore saw around 100 food stalls, 150 clothing and accessory stalls, and 70 home decor, DIY and handmade stalls. With that many attractions (and 5,000 fairy lights), there is no surprise that the event was expected to draw in 400,000 people.

While there were initial complaints that the event was overcrowded and disorganized during the first weekend (which earned the event a poor 2.4/5 rating on google reviews), crowd control improved during the second weekend with the implementation of crow control measures such as wider walkways between stalls, gates and a wireless paging system at food stalls.

I was at Artbox on Saturday (22nd April) and had prepared myself mentally for the ocean of people that was going to be there. However I made the dumb choice to go during peak hour which was around 6.00pm. The crowd was insane, and people were basically pushing each other to get around. It was like reliving my ZoukOut experience all over again.

Despite the organizers efforts in maintaining crowd control (which I do appreciate), the queues were still a mess and were around 10-15 minutes long. Honestly, queuing wasn't the problem for me; it was the disorganized crowd rummaging their way through lines of people and the lack of oxygen in the area. Couples hog any empty space to take the perfect selfie and express gross amounts of PDA while lining in queues... Teenagers in groups of 10 squeeze their way through the crowd hand in hand, shouting at their friends who are submerged in the crowd...People on their phones so desperate to take an aesthetic photo that they don't realize they're blocking the way...

One day at Artbox can tell people a lot about the attitudes of Singaporean millennials. 

With all that I've said, it may seem that my experience was none other than terrible and that I'm discouraging anyone to go, but in fact I did have an enjoyable time and I would go again if I could next year. There were a lot of food, artwork and music at Artbox that you can immerse yourself in, and despite the long queues everything there was quite enjoyable.

So lo and behold, 5 reasons to visit Artbox Singapore 2017 (and go again next year!):

1. Admission is free

One of the many obvious reasons why Artbox is so popular is the fact that it's free of charge and Singaporean youths love free things. The things sold there may be a little harsh on the pockets, but if admission is free, WHY NOT?

It's fair to say that many of us did not go for the food or music, but with the intention of snapping an Insta-worthy picture in front of the gigantic Artbox sign. Not shame here, just saying. Instagram likes are important.

2. You get to take aesthetic pictures

Artbox is hipster, aesthetic and perfect for anyone who wants to increase their social media presence. Besides taking a picture in front of the Artbox sign, you can also take a selfie with the fairy lights spanning across 3km, or the art installations and shipping containers outside and inside the event space.

Car lovers can also treat themselves to a shot with a fleet of vintage cars and kombis at the Kombi Rocks photo booth.

Photo booths by Dollop and AwwSnap are also available inside Artbox, and you get to go home with a 2 filmstrips - one for you and a friend at $5.00 or $10.00. Now take those film strips, hold it against the blue sky amidst the 5,000 fairy lights and snap a picture.


3. Captivating live music

The live music at Artbox Singapore really makes it more than just an event - it's also a music festival. While exploring the different booths and stalls at Artbox, the voices of local musicians will accompany you with their own remakes from Ed Sheeran's 'Castle on the Hill' to JJ Lin's '不為誰而作的歌' (The Song Which Was Not Written For Anyone). While I was there, they even sang to Disney's Moana!

There are also open mic sessions for those who want to showcase their singing talent as well as Thai cultural activities, dance and music performances for you to enjoy. If you're not the performing type, feel free to sit back and relax at the freestanding hammocks and outdoor furniture in front of the stage.

4. Shopping!!!!!!

Personally, I feel that Artbox Singapore is the more hipster, more attas version of Bugis Street.  The clothes you see there are exactly the same as the ones at Bugis, just more expensive! Stall lineups are changed every week so you have more choices and clothing options. There are also more than 300 beauty, fashion and art booths exhibited during Artbox from aesthetic notebooks, dream-catchers, stickers and phone cases - which means that there is definitely something for you to buy. Some of the few unique stalls even do hair cutting and Instagram printing!

All stalls at Artbox supports DBS/POSB payment so you don't have to worry about bringing out large amount of cash too.


I've come to the last (and most important) reason why you need to visit Artbox Singapore, and it's non other than food!

There are hundreds of different food stalls selling popular Thai cuisines to familiar local names like Ramli Burger, and they're all pretty cheap. Here are some of the food stalls you'll get to see at Artbox!










Today (23rd April) will be your last chance to visit Artbox Singapore so grab your umbrellas, shades and portable fan to prepare for the hottest event of the year! Don't say we didn't warn you.

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