Sereni & Shentel Headbands Review

by - April 09, 2017

I'm back in the Motherland - Malaysia truly Asia!

Ever since I came home I've been clearing out my old clothes, shoes and stuff that's been lying around and I've got to say I have a lot of trash.

While scavenging around I stumbled upon my beloved Sereni & Shentel headband collection. Fun fact about me - I used to be huge fan (I still am!) of the branded headbands and have collected about 20 designs.

I got my first Sereni & Shentel headband as a gift from my mom and ever since then, the collections have only increased in number.

Besides being incredibly popular in Asia, the Malaysian-brand headbands have also been featured on Gossip Girl and worn by Desperate Housewive's Eva Longoria. Throughout their years in fashion design, Sereni & Shentel have also collaborated with Miss Universe Malaysia, Malaysian retail chain The Dude & Duchess, bag maker Gin & Jacquie and artist Dura Hana.

So how did two girls from Kuching end up becoming successful designers? 

In 2009, the founders Sereni Linggi and Shentel Lee made DIY headbands for a Lady Gaga concert in Singapore. Their quirky headbands caught the attention of several magazines who invited them for photoshoots, and later landed them airtime on a breakfast television show. When the demands kept coming, they went off to form a legitimate business.

Sereni & Shentel headbands are made from Satin ribbon and Acrylic stones, all handmade and trademarked with their Sereni & Shentel 24K Gold Plated charm. Their headbands come in an array of colours, most of the time in colors you didn't even know existed, like daffodil, poppy or royal blue.

For your eye candy I had a headband photoshoot just to show off my beautiful Sereni & Shentel headband collection. I've also included the pricing (it's rather pricey) and headband descriptions. Enjoy!

All prices inclusive of GST



Inspired by the it girl Blair Waldorf this headband has a whole lot of preppy attitude

The Blair is one of Sereni & Shentel's first designs - and also most popular. The headbands come in Classic and Metallic colors, and are also customizable. Seasonal designs are called Blairspirations. Blair bands are particularly popular with babies because they are softer and stretchable.

Block Party

Rock your block with a pop of colors

Also another one of their debut designs, the Block Party range is simple, clean and minimalistic. The headbands come in Classic and Metallic, with different shades of nudes and neon.

New Money

So in your face this headband will get the whole town talking

Fun fact - the New Money in Olive Grey was featured on Gossip girl.

Ice Ice Baby

A classic headband for the girl who wants to add some bling to her outfit

The Ice Ice Baby headbands are one of my favourites because they are simple yet attractive enough to catch attention. The stones come in matte and shiny stones.

Kuching Cat

From the city of cats comes a set of ears that will have others purring for you

The iconic Kuching Cat headband is Sereni & Shentel's trademark. After all, it is their brand's logo! A sweet girly piece to commemorate their hometown Kuching, the headband comes in Classic, Metallic and Tulle (RM180.00).


My name is Lolita and I'm not supposed to play with boys!

Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, the Lolita comes in Classic, Metallic and Satin Ribbons. The Lolita Ice (a more glam-ed up version of the classic Lolita) comes in matte or shiny stones on the band.

Sereni & Shentel used to have the Lolita Bow, which is pretty much the love child of the Kuching Cat headband a Lolita but they don't sell it anymore. Sobs!

Peek a Boo

From the Pastel Christmas Collection

Another one of the extinct designs, the Peek a Boo is a fancy pinwheel headband that will put your hat collection to shame.


Bow Down

She is big, loud, and oh so fabulous!

The Bow Down headband has to be one of my biggest investments. Sereni & Shentel can go pretty bold with their designs, but like they say it's "Go big or go home". The Bow Down comes in Satin, Grosgrain and Metallic. There is a tamer version of the headband Classic Bow Down which comes without gems at RM83.00.

Party Hat

Be the ultimate birthday girl or boy with our oh so posh bejeweled party hat!

The Party Hat comes in two designs - Mini (RM198.00) and Chevron (RM166.00)

Mini Zamunda

Inspired by African head dresses and our all time feel good movie "Coming to America"

It should be established by now that Sereni & Shentel aren't they kinds to keep it low key, so here's a gigantic ribbon! The Mini Zamunda comes in Metallic, Polka and Tulle.

Just in case you're wondering, was there a non-mini Zamunda? Yes they was and it was gigantic. Sadly, only the Mini Zamunda is available now.

Cha Cha

Here are one of the brand's more subtle collection. Though it's no more on sale, it is still one of a kind. No gems with just charms, the Cha Cha is chic, sleek and super cool.

The Betty

The Betty is the perfect headband for those who like to keep it plain and simple, just like the name suggests. Newer Betty designs come on a Velveteen headband.


A classic plain headband made with rayon on a light metal band

The Petersham is for those who just want to keep it really, really, really plain.

Sereni & Shentel Seasonal Collections

Christmas & CNY Collection

If you're interested in Sereni & Shentel's other headband collections, do check it out at their website here!

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