Haw Par Villa Review

by - April 04, 2017

I know a relationship can be hell, but I didn't know it would bring me literally into hell itself. 

Haw Par Villa has never been my number one choice on the 'list of places to go on a date', but as my (now ex - ha!) boyfriend and I have been rather broke recently, we thought a free date to the 10 Courts of Hell would be a refreshing.

Haw Par Villa was built in 1937 and is renowned for its gruesome depictions of Chinese folklore's 10 Courts of Hell among the other 1,000 colorful statues on display. Located at 262 Pasir Panjang Road, the theme park is open daily from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm and admission is free.

Haw Par Villa is named after the Burma-born Aw brothers who are also the founders of Tiger Balm. In the park's early years, the grounds were open to public and even had a zoo. However, the Aw brothers had to abandon the house and flee overseas during the Second World War. The Japanese forces then took over and used it to watch over ships at sea.

The statues and sculptures are really out of this world and each one is accompanied by a sign telling the story behind the myth or folktale.

In case you were wondering, I too also had questions as to why the Statue of Liberty has a place in Haw Par Villa.

Haw Par Villa has many beautiful sceneries which make the perfect backdrop for Instagrammable pictures - perfect for social media addicts!

A memorial dedicated to the older Aw brother, Aw Boon Haw can also be seen in the middle of the park.

There are a lot of ponds at Haw Par Villa but they are rather muddy, dirty and full of moss. Not really sure who maintains the area but I do pity the poor fishes and tortoises living in them.

Viewer description and parental guidance are advised for visitors with young children to the "10 Courts of Hell" due to the exhibit's graphic nature. However, rest assured that after bringing your squirming, squealing child on a trip through hell, he would definitely try to be on his best behavior on the trip home.

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