Real Or Fake: Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

by - April 21, 2017

Kylie's Lip Kits are pretty hot these days, and it seems like everyone is trying to get their hands on Colourpop's more expensive and overpriced counterpart. All of us love it, not all of us can afford it. Due to this harsh reality, many of us opt for Kylie fakes or go on Carousell in hopes of getting one that's probably used, gross and half the price.

However, even after purchasing our dupes, deep down inside we all hope that somehow the one we've got may somehow be genuine.

In case you've just made a recent deal on Carousell and are wondering if the Kylie Lip Kit you bought is a real or a fake... rejoice!!! Today I'll be sharing with you how to distinguish between a real and fake Kylie Lip Kit just by looking at the bottle itself!

Unfortunately my Kylie Lip Kits do not come with a box, so I'll only be making comparisons on the Lipsticks itself. Also, it will be helpful if you do have one genuine Kylie Lip Kit with you. This way, it's easier for you to make comparisons and tell the difference.

1. Size of bottle

While it's hard to tell exactly a real from a fake just through the size (any since many manufacturers are getting pretty good now in duplicating authentic brands), you will notice several differences if you look close enough. For a fact, real Kylie Lip Kits are about 12 centimeters tall and 3.25 ml. The caps are about 4.7 centimeters. I know because I went great lengths to measure it using a ruler.

On the other hand, the fake one I got is less than 12 centimeters tall, and it's pretty obvious that it's much shorter than the authentic one when you place it side by side.

2. Font

The 'Kylie' fonts are similar for real and fake lip kits - how fail would it be if the manufacturer couldn't even get the fonts right??? - but there is one little detail you should note.

When I compared my two original Kylie Lit Kits with my fakes, I realized that one of my fakes had a bolder font, while the other was much thinner. If I had to give you a Microsoft example, the two fakes had Bold and Thin fonts, while the real one had a Medium font.

Also when you compare the Rouge à lèvres liquide text at the bottom, the fake one has a thinner and clearer font.

3. Length of the drops on the bottle

One of the most obvious differences between a fake and a real Kylie Lip Kit would be the two drops at the back of the bottle. See the picture above.

4. Sticker at the bottom of the bottle

Flip the bottle over and you will notice a silver circular sticker. My fake lip kits have a clearer sticker on the bottom white the authentic ones are slightly bolder and blurry.

5. Indent at the bottom of the bottle

Fake Kylie Lip Kits do not have a indent where the sticker is at, but the genuine one does.

6. Bottle caps

I've also noticed that the bottle caps on the fakes are flat while the original lip kits' are curved at the sides. Also, when you flip the bottle caps over, you will see that the fakes are wobbly and appear cleaner on the inside (which is pretty ironic if you ask me).

7. Opening of the bottle

The bottle opening of the fakes are usually cleaner (oh the irony!) and have a thicker rim, also meaning that the openings are smaller.

8. Smell

You probably already know about this from all the other fake and real Kylie Lip Kit reviews, but it is absolutely true that fakes have a very strong chemical smell, while the real ones smell very pleasant like candy.

Now that you're clear about the differences between a real and a fake Kylie Lip Kit, it's up to you if you want to purchase authentic products from the website, or go for dupes that don't have much of a difference but are of poorer quality. It's also important to note that buying cheap knockoffs may have potential side effects that are harming to your health or complexion.

But of course, I won't be the judge for you. It's ultimately your choice and I hope you make the right one!

Love this post? Feel free to share and comment below or check out my other fake or real reviews here.

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