Handmade Paracords in Singapore: Vershale

by - June 01, 2017

May was the month of trends. We had the stupid lanyard trend (the one which the cool kids made for themselves), the marble beads trend, and now paracords!

Paracords weren't much of a thing before and it was only worn by the SP MMA kids. They weren't very visually appealing, though they did give a sense of identity. Paracords also appealed mostly to guys while girls preferred adorning their wrists with Pandora beads and charms.

When I was told about Vershale, the first thing that came to my mind was "Who would even buy that for fashion???" Turns out I was wrong. Paracords - the high quality ones that is - are becoming the new trend in Singapore and guys and girls are willing to fork out money for it as long as it doesn't look cheap.

It also looks pretty cool.

For those of you who don't know what paracord bracelets are, here are some examples.

The brand I'm parterning with, Vershale, is a Singapore brand established in 2016. Their paracord bracelets fall under the Streifen series which mean 'Stripes' in German. Orginal Streifen bracelets are sold at S$28.99, while the newly launched StrefenSlims series come at $32.99. They can be a little pricey, but that's because the materials are of premium grade.

Vershale wanted to beat the stereotype that certain kinds of bracelets can only be worn by a particular gender, so they mixed beaded and charm bracelets to create a unisex design that suits any occasion from causal to formal. They have many different collections and designs, so many that you can have one for every month. Some paracords come in 2 or 3 colors (Bicolore and Tricolore). My personal favorite would be the Lumiblue and Lumipink Paracords.


Of course, nothing is better than a local brand that wants to give back to society. Vershale proceeds go the HOPE foundation, a non profit and NGO.

Vershale sent me four paracords - 2 white and 2 in navy blue separated into Streifen and StreifenSlim respectively. Personally, I feel that the StreifenSlim series are more suitable for girls who are petite with smaller wrists, like me. The materials and weaving are also more delicate. A good thing to note is that the paracords are of extremely high quality. They aren't flimsy like the $2.00 ones you buy from the pasar malam, and has a metal buckle that holds it firmly in place. The bracelets also come in nice packaging with a care bag, together with a 3-month warranty.

It takes about 1-2 working days for the item to be sent to your house, and those residing in Singapore and Malaysia can enjoy FREE normal mail for the Streifen, Koiru and Cuero collections. You can also get 20% off when you shop at Vershale and use my code FAITHFULLYOURS upon checkout. Do make sure to give the correct measurements as the paracords can be quite tight. You can refer to the sizing guide here.

So before the trend starts getting mainstream, I really encourage you to get yourself one of these lovely paracords! Classy and minimalist is the way to go these days, and let's do some justice by doing away with the lanyard trend fad. Please???

Also, do stay tuned for more surprises and giveaways coming soon on Vershale, especially during this upcoming Raya! More cool stuff here:

Instagram: @vershalesg
Website: www.vershale.com

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