Little Sheep Hot Pot @ One Fullerton Steamboat Review

by - June 28, 2020

Little Sheep Hot Pot Steamboat Review

Great news! Phase 2 has started and we can finally eat out again!

I often write hot post reviews on this blog and my Hai Di Lao/ Beauty In The Pot review is one of my top read posts, so it's really obvious that y'all love hot pot as much as I do. High five!

Just yesterday I went for a walk with my boyfriend and his family around the Fullerton/ MBS area and came across the Little Sheep Hot Pot restaurant, which is a Mongolian restaurant and franchise under No Signboard Holdings. I've heard of this restaurant before since they had a promotion during the Circuit Breaker, but I've never tried it and most people haven't too. We decided to give it a try since it looked pretty good and here's what we ordered:

  • Tomato Soup (small) $8
  • House Original White Soup (small) $9
  • Signature Premium Beef Selection (small) $18
  • Best Seller Lamb Rolls & Beef Platter $45
  • Kurobuta Pork (small) $10
  • Hot Pot Noodle $2
  • Vermicelli (small) $4
  • Tofu (small) $4.50
  • Cheese Balls $8
  • Fried Bean Curd Roll (small) $8
  • Oyster Mushroom $7
  • Lettuce (large) $6
  • Soursop $6.90

You can click here to view the Little Sheep Hot Pot menu. You can also match the menu headings to a picture here if you'd like as it makes the ordering process a lot easier.

You place your orders using a tablet, and the food comes almost immediately after which was great because we were starving! We were also served their special dipping sauce, and you can let them know if you want it "no spicy", "less spicy", or just "normal". The sauce was the typical one that hot pot restaurants always serve - with sesame, oyster sauce, soya sauce, vinegar, coriander and onions - but this one was really good and the spice really gave it a strong KICK. I can safely say everyone coughed after taking the first bite.
Little Sheep Hot Pot's signature soup base is their House Original White Soup. It's made from over 30 different spices so it tastes incredibly unique. You can also find ingredients floating around inside like goji berries, herbs, and jujube.
Personally, I preferred the Tomato Soup a lot more because I'm a sucker for tomato and sweet soup in general. The Tomato Soup was effing delicious and I kept pouring it onto my white rice; it was just bursting with flavour and so addictive that I couldn't stop myself from tasting it again and again.
For the meat, the beef was really good and SO TENDER. Unfortunately it's also puny, possibly because of the way it's sliced, so it shrinks once it's cooked and disappears immediately after entering your mouth. The lamb was also also delicious, and it should be since the restaurant is literally called "Little Sheep Hot Pot". There is a "lamb smell" from the meat, but I found it bearable although it can be quite strong. But the lamb was great anyway, so no complaints!
Generally, everything were delicious. The meat was also tender, juicy, and had just the right amount of fat. I have braces so I can't stand tough meat, but the texture of the pork, lamb, and beef here is perfect. Also, while the meat portions look humungous at first glance, it's not actually a lot a lot because of how thinly it's sliced. So yes the meat size is a bit underwhelming, but it's still so GOOOOOOD.

Special shoutout to their noodles too! The Hot Pot Noodles and Vermicelli were chewy and soaked up the hot pot soup so well. I don't usually like noodles, but I had so many portions of these especially towards the end of the meal. Honestly a first time for me, and even my boyfriend was surprised.
We also had Soursop Juice for drinks, and while it was really sweet and refreshing, I regret not choosing the free flow options instead. For just $4.90, you can choose to have free flow Winter Melon Juice or Lime Juice. I'll definitely order that the next time because it's more worth it!

My experience at Little Sheep Hot Pot was a good one and I love the vibe and food of the place in general. It's also a great cosy place for small groups of friends and families, and the staff are friendly too. The only downside would definitely be the size of the meat, but if you can overlook that, everything else about this place is 10/10. Personally I don't like to stuff myself to the brim when I have hot pot, so Little Sheep Hot Pot was comfortable for me because the food portions are just nice and I didn't walk away feeling like an inflated balloon.

If you find yourself around One Fullerton, give Little Sheep Hot Pot a try. You and your tummy won't regret it!

Little Sheep Hot Pot @ One Fullerton
Address: One Fullerton, 1 Fullerton Road #01-05, 049213 Singapore
Telephone: +65 6222 9959

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