M Social Staycation Review: Loft Gallery Room

by - January 19, 2021

M Social Loft Gallery Room Staycation Review

m social review

It's staycation time! Here's to the first staycation of 2021! Woot woot!

To celebrate the end of my winter internship, my boyfriend and I decided to book a January staycation to celebrate the end of my hard work AND utilise our Singapore's rediscover vouchers. After browsing for days on Klook, we decided to go with M Social because I was really drawn to this cocktail workshop they had. Unfortunately the package on Klook for M Social was only for a one night stay and we wanted to stay for two nights, so we decided to book straight through their website instead, and opt in separately for the cocktail workshop.

Just FYI, you can book a stay on the M Social site using your Singapore Rediscover vouchers without going through third parties!
m social staycation review
We ended up getting the Loft Gallery Room at S$230++ for two nights on a weekend after using the vouchers, and signed up for the cocktail workshop which cost S$90++.

My boyfriend saw reviews online that people queued really long for check-in, so he emailed to ask if we could check in earlier. The management replied us saying that we could try coming at 1pm and if there was a room available they would give it to us. We did get a room, and on the day itself, check-in was a breeze!

Unfortunately the first room we got was really terrible, and as much as the rest of the stay after this was alright, I just HAVE to mention this - because it was that bad.

The first room we got was located on level 4, and I remember being damn shag because the room looked so dark and our view was obstructed by this huge wall. But that was still alright...

Because after that we found a bunch of trash in our room which included a piece of used tissue on the floor, a random bottle cap, a shampoo bottle seal and fingerprints all over the mirror walls. My boyfriend was lowkey annoyed because did I mention that prior to this, we had lots of booking issues with the hotel and the vouchers, and had to book and rebook FOUR TIMES before finally getting the room? So he picked up the phone and proceeded to call the reception and request for a room change, BUT the phone was SPOILT. So we had to go down ourselves and tell them - and we got another room in the end. I have to say the staff were really nice about it and apologised to us, offering us another room no questions asked. we really appreciated that!

We got a better room at the 8th floor which was much cleaner and brighter with a better view. The new room even had a care pack with masks and hand sanitiser which - surprise surprise - the previous room didn't.
m social loft gallery room
Generally the Loft Gallery Room was quite dark and there were minimal lights. There were some nice ambient lights on the bed headboard and the vanity, but the rest were all very dim. Everything was just very yellow.
m social singapore room review
The bathroom was simple with a minimalist aesthetic and had a rain shower, and the *ehem* best *ehem* part was that you can shower in full view of the bed - unless you decide to draw the blinds of course. The loft part (the second level) of the room was quite small and there was just a table and TV. We mainly ate our order-ins hand watched Netflix here since you could do screen mirroring!
m social singapore
Someone from housekeeping was really in a shitty mood that day huh.

The rest of the staycation went pretty well. Our cocktail workshop was on the same day at 5pm, so it was a mad rush down to the swimming pool, which was limited to 20 people at a time. The swimming pool was rather basic but there was a nice view with lots of greenery. There was also a mini bar which looked pretty empty when we went - which was understandable with Covid and all that - and we got six beers for about S$28 which I thought was really sweet!
m social
There is also a gym and you have to make a booking to use it. The gym fits two people comfortably and has lots of equipment despite its size, so I was rather impressed! My boyfriend and I had a pretty solid workout there.

The highlight of the staycation had to be the cocktail workshop held at Beast & Butterflies, the hotel's restaurant. We learned how to mix different concoctions, play with fire (to create caramel) and create our own special cocktail! The bartender in charge was really friendly and so were the other couples. After the workshop, they even gave each couple a stainless steel cocktail shaker so we could make our own drinks at home.
m social staycation review
We ordered in during the first night but decided to dine at Beast & Butterflies on the second. The food was quite nice although it was harsh on the wallets, but I loved the service. The staff were all so friendly! In case you're thinking of eating here, here's what we ordered: Caesar Salad (S$14), Lobster Bisque (S$16), Classic Onion Soup (S$14), Tagliatelle Al Salmon (S$18), Baby Back Rib (S$30), Kurobuta Pork Chop (S$36) and Chicken Claypot Rice (S$16). For dessert we had the the Molten Chocolate Cake (S$15), Thin Crusted Apple Pie (S$10) and Creme Brulee (S$10).
beast and butterflies review
You can view the Beast & Butterflies menu here.

Overall I did enjoy the staycation, but I've had much better staycays compared to this one. Personally I felt the room was a little underwhelming and small, and there were minor things that ticked me off like gym card access issues and the trash not being cleared by housekeeping until you called them... but you know I don't wanna be a complain queen so I will say I had a good time!

Thanks for reading and see you next post!

M Social
Address: 90 Robertson Quay, S238259
Telephone: +65 6206 2888

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