The Vermillion House @ Marina Square: Wine Restaurant Review

by - October 10, 2022


Hey, Faithfuls! So the F&B business has been booming again, and many new restaurants have been popping up. Not all restaurants are built equal, which is why I get really excited when I come across a place with excellent food. The newest addition to the plethora of restaurants at Marina Square is The Vermillion House, a fine dining restaurant serving atas food at affordable prices.


When I say affordable, I mean their food is really top-tier, and the prices are similar to cafe food instead of a high-end restaurant. I honestly think they should price their food higher, but I also really shouldn't be complaining about affordable food.


Now, just a brief disclaimer: we ordered a lot of food. Appetisers alone were enough to be the main course. First, we got the Tartufo Fries (Vegan) (S$13). The fries were thick and crispy, with a distinct truffle taste that came from the truffle paste that was used.


We also had the Salmon Tartare (S$15) and Half Moon Salad (Vegetarian) (S$17), the former consisting of diced salmon, shallots, lime zest, capers, chives, and crispy fish skin, and the latter—mixed tomatoes, grilled pear, olive oil, and a fluffy ball of burrata.


The Flamed King Prawns (S$15) are also worth a try, comprising prawn broth, crispy basil, and sourdough. I love the sourdough bread here—it's crispy with a very mild oiliness that makes the bread extra savoury.


But my favourite antipasti of the night was definitely the Smoky Marrow (S$15), served with red sorrel and carrot puree. First of all, the marrow was creamy and buttery, with a full-bodied flavour that was umami. The sourdough bread was crispy, just like the one we had with the prawns. Once you're finished with the dish, you get to do something called the bone marrow luge, which sees a wine or cocktail being poured through the bone marrow and into one's mouth. It's also a good way to pull out the remaining bits of fat on the bone.


Now, onto mains. My boyfriend had a Classic Carbonara (S$25), made with guanciale, fettucini, pecorino, parmesan, and gooey egg yolk. If you're a carbonara purist, you'll appreciate how they don't make the carbonara with cream, and they try to make it as authentic as possible. This definitely was not the creamiest carbonara I've had, but it was still flavourful, and I like how I could taste the different components of the carbonara without having it overpowered by cream.

If you like pesto, you can consider ordering the Trofie Al Pesto (Vegetarian) (S$21). This dish came with asparagus, baby carrots, parmesan, and linguine. The pesto was on the light side but still managed to retain its yumminess. The herby taste was there, although I would have liked it to be more garlicky. Then again, it's just a personal preference! I also had the Truffle Mushroom Risotto (Vegetarian) (S$23). I loved how the taste of the roasted mushrooms was smoky, and that the risotto had a peppery taste. The crispy fried mushrooms also added some texture and crunch to the dish.


Lamb lovers can try the Rack Of Lamb (S$35), served with potato puree, red wine, and sauteed carrots. I'm usually not a fan of lamb because it can be quite a tough kind of meat, but this one was quite tender with lots of fatty bits. The potato puree also added extra sweetness and savouriness to the dish.


Finally, it was time for dessert. We had the Cheesecake (S$10) and Tiramisu (S$15). The cheesecake had a light creaminess and was not as cheesy as I would have liked, but I enjoyed its sweet, crumbly base. The blueberries on top added a nice hint of zestiness, although I wasn't a big fan of the petals (?) sprinkled on top, as they were quite bitter.

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The tiramisu was heavenly, and you would love this if you enjoy thick, chocolatey desserts. It was served slightly hot, with a dense outer layer that crumbled into the soft mousse within. Again, I thought this could do without the flower petals, but I could see how the mild bitter taste helped cut through the intense sweetness of the tiramisu.

Despite trying so many dishes, I did not feel bloated at the end of the night. Rather, I had a very satisfied stomach. The Vermillion House is really a hidden gem as the food is amazing, and their prices are not too steep. I can see myself coming back and bringing along more friends as well. 

Thanks for reading, and see you next post.

The Vermillion House @ Marina Square
Address: 6 Raffles Boulevardd, #02-03/04, Singapore 039594
Telephone: +65 6908 6800

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