Jinjja Chicken Bugis Food Review

by - April 01, 2017

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After my amazing meal at Wing Zone, I couldn't seem to shake off my further cravings for korean fried chicken. It so happened that I was at central Singapore today and I immediately thought of Jinjja Chicken.

About a year ago Space Radio, the radio station I was part of did promotions for Jinjja Chicken when they first opened at Bugis Village around June 2016. The only encounter I had with their fried chicken was when we had to do a spicy chicken challenge as part of their promotional video, and I can assure you that their chicken blazes like the fires of hell.

Aside from chicken, Jinjja Chicken also serves noodles and other korean staples such as rice. Fries, burgers and Kimchi are also available, as well as dessert such as Pat Binsgu. Most of the meals are really affordable for students and are below $10. A typical meal here (including drinks or dessert) would be around $10-$15 per person including GST.

Also more good news for students - Jinjja Chicken has an ongoing student promotion every Monday to Friday from 2.00pm to 6.00pm. All you have to do is show your student pride by flashing your student card, and you'll get to enjoy $3 off the Chicken Burger Set (U.P $9.90), Chicken Bap Rice Set (U.P $8.90) or 6 Pcs Jinjja Wings Set (U.P $9.90). What a save!

Jinjja Chicken is also halal, and that definitely adds to it's popularity!

The store is always packed so whenever I'm there the inner kancheong spider comes up and I desperately try to chope a seat. I don't advise you to go with a large group as the tables are usually two-seaters. Surprisingly, the service is really fast despite the buzzing crowd. The only time you have to wait quite long is while you're queuing up to order.

If you're ever starting to lose your patience due to the long queue, you can always entertain yourself by watching pretty Korean girls and boys dance on the 2 TV screens inside the store. If you happen to be queuing outside the store, there's also a TV there and the music's twice as loud.

We ordered the 12 Pcs Ninja Wings ($14.90) and added $2 to make it a set with a drink and fries. We had the wings in soy garlic and yangnyeom (spicy red sauce) and seaweed fries.

Besides the seaweed fries which are a complete rip-off (please opt for tteokbokki fries next time round), the wings were awesome and dripping with savory gooey sauce. Jinjja Chicken is also really generous with their sauce and it's always oozing everywhere. Yum.

Thanks to the kitchen gloves which were provided, we didn't need to get our hands dirty too.

After finishing the meal, we had the Strawberry Cheesecake Bingsu ($6.90) which came with vanilla ice cream, cookie crumbs, cheesecake and lots of yummy strawberry syrup. The bingsu was really worth it especially at $6.90 because a lot of the bingsu you get out there are often twice the size with plain ice shavings but twice as expensive.

Though the meal portions were a little small for my appetite, I wouldn't complain given the tastiness of the food and reasonable price. In total we spent only $23.80 ($1.55 for GST) for the delicious meal.

So the next time you're walking around Bugis and deciding what to eat, head down to Jinjja Chicken and treat yourself to a fast, cheap and savory meal. I assure that you won't regret it.


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